Kirisun PT260

Kirisun PT260 VHF / UHF / License Free 446+ commercial portable analogue radio.


  • Compact Size and Light Weight: Compact design allows this PT260 radio easy to carry.
  • Clear Audio: This radio has a unique digital clip which offers excellent audio quality and performance.
  • Scan Function: Scan channel is convenient for the team leader to monitor the on-site situations. The scanning mode and scanning priority is programming.
  • High/low Power: High/low power could be optional by programming. It is flexible for different coverage use.
  • CTCSS/DCS: Built-in CTCSS/DCS Encoder/Decoder can prevent co-channel interference and unwanted conversations on the same channel.
  • Squelch Level Programmable: Squelch reduces background noise and improved voice quality. Programming squelch level makes the radio widely used in different environment
  • Channel Annunciation: Channel Annunciation function offers convenience to users for special application, such as working in the darkness.
  • Priority Scan: Priority scan permits the scanning of identified channels while monitoring more often your most important channel.
  • CTCSS/CDCSS: To prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency, CTCSSS/DCS encoder and decoder can prevent interference on the same frequency from other Communication groups.
  • Time Out Timer (TOT): The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission.
  • Busy Channel Lockout: A channel already in use is not available to other users.
  • Monitor: Allows you to monitor channels for activity.
  • PC Programmable: You are able to customize the features of each radio for each user.
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