iTalk BC9

The iTALK BC9 is a body camera with integrated PoC, video dispatch and command and intelligent AI applications. It is lightweight and ideal for law enforcement personnel.


  • 4G On-site real-time video streaming: The BC9 can transmit the on-site real-time video back the to control center, to meet the demand of remote commanding, which could perform video monitoring, video call, live streaming, and video conference.
  • NFC: The NFC function on the BC9 supports more applications in different industries by extending functions as guard patrol and time and attendance.
  • Dual rotatable camera: The wide-angle and zoom lens of the BC9 can be rotated, which provide optimal angle of view and flexible wearing positions for users to make the video, images and video conference in varietal critical events.
  • iTALK call options: The BC9 features all call, group call, full-duplex call, conference call and dynamic grouping to meet the instant call demands in varietal fields.
  • Secure voice and video: The BC9 adapts the secure RTP protocol (SRTP) which is used for encryption and authentication of both voice and video. This is especially beneficial over Wi-Fi networks.
  • BOX dual loudspeakers: With the professional design of dual loudspeakers, BC9 has a clearer and louder audio to make a good performance in the noise environment.
  • GPS
  • 4G
  • Panic button



  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Battery
  • Belt clip
  • Belt clip bracket


  • Double-unit charger
  • Multi-unit charger
  • PTT earpiece
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