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Equipment & Accessories

Distributors of
Equipment & Accessories

Keeping your mobile workforce connected

Blue Telecoms is the leading provider of radio communications and leaky feeder equipment and accessories for an extensive dealer network.

Radio Communications Equipment & Accessories

Leaky Feeder Equipment & Accessories

Unlock the benefits of a

World-class telecommunications system

Enhanced Communication

Portable radios enable instant and reliable communication among your team members. They facilitate quick coordination, response, and teamwork, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved Safety and Security

Portable radios provide a vital means of communication in hazardous or emergency situations. They enable employees to quickly alert others about potential dangers, request assistance, and ensure a prompt response, promoting a safer working environment.

Seamless Connectivity

Leaky feeder systems ensure consistent and uninterrupted communication in challenging environments such as tunnels, mines, or large industrial facilities. They enable reliable coverage, eliminating dead zones and allowing employees to stay connected even in areas with limited cellular or radio signal.


Investing in portable communication equipment eliminates the need for recurring costs associated with cellular service subscriptions, offers long-term reliability, and minimises potential downtime or communication disruptions.

Tailored Solutions

Companies with a mobile workforce often require customised solutions based on specific industry requirements. These tailored solutions can include features such as integrated worker safety systems, GPS tracking, data transmission capabilities, and compatibility with existing communication infrastructure.

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